Open Heaven 23 August 2019 Friday – UNRAVELING DEMONIC ACTIVITIES

Open Heaven 23 August 2019 Friday – UNRAVELING DEMONIC ACTIVITIES

Open Heaven 23 August 2019 Memorise: The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. John 10:10

Read: Mark 5:1-8 Open Heaven 23 August 2019

1 And they came over unto the other side of the sea, into the country of the Gadarenes.

2 And when he was come out of the ship, immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit,

3 Who had his dwelling among the tombs; and no man could bind him, no, not with chains:

4 Because that he had been often bound with fetters and chains, and the chains had been plucked asunder by him, and the fetters broken in pieces: neither could any man tame him.

5 And always, night and day, he was in the mountains, and in the tombs, crying, and cutting himself with stones.

6 But when he saw Jesus afar off, he ran and worshipped him,

7 And cried with a loud voice, and said, what have I to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of the most high God? I adjure thee by God, that thou torment me not.

8 For he said unto him, Come out of the man, thou unclean spirit.

Open Heaven 23 August 2019

Bible in one year: 2nd Samuel 3-4, Ezekiel 38:17-39:8

Hymnal: Sing hymn 13

Message: – Open Heaven 23 August 2019 Friday Daily Devotional

The presence of demons among human beings is very widespread, but because they are invisible spiritual beings, one may not notice their activities except by the power and gifts of God’s Spirit. Believe it or not, demons are everywhere performing their evil assignments, but as God increases His presence in your life, they will be forced to flee whenever they come in contact with you. This is so because demons recognise the presence of God, and they can’t be at rest wherever God’s presence dwells. In like manner, wherever God’s anointed word is being taught in power, demons will flee, because they cannot withstand the power in God’s word.

We see a manifestation of this in Mark 1:21-26 when Jesus was teaching in the synagogue. Similar to this example, Paul and his co-labourers in God’s vineyard were on their way to a prayer meeting on a certain day when they encountered the spirit of divination in a young lady. This spirit became restless because of God’s presence in them (Acts 16:16-18). If you carry a higher level of God’s presence, the activities of demons around you will be exposed, irrespective of where they are hiding. I pray that God will expose every activities of Satan around you today in Jesus’ Name.

Open Heaven 23 August 2019 Friday

The Bible uses a number of terms such as evil spirits, demons, principalities and powers, devils and unclean spirits to refer to demonic forces. However, if we have enough of God’s presence in us, demons will flee when they see us, even before we command them to go. The Holy Spirit reveals to us the secret behind this in Psalm 66:3, saying:

“Say unto God, How terrible art thou in thy works! Through the greatness of thy power shall thine enemies submit themselves unto thee.”

We see a manifestation of this word in Mark 5:1-6. When Jesus stepped on the shores of Gadara, a very notorious and highly demon-possessed mad man immediately submitted himself to Him, even before He said a word. Mark 5:6 says:

“But when he saw Jesus afar off, he ran and worshipped him.”

It is very easy to cast out demons when your life is full of God’s glory. The devil and his demons once stood before God’s presence in heaven, but because of their rebellion, they lost that privilege (Isaiah 14:12-15).

One of the reasons why Jesus came to the earth is to bring the dominion of heaven to us. Consequently, the moment demons see that same heavenly glory on any believer, they will have no choice but to submit to the King of glory, whose presence is visible in all believers. Are you a carrier of God’s glorious presence?

Prayer point – Open Heaven 23 August 2019

Father, please fill my life with your glory that demons cannot withstand in Jesus’ Name.

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